I have an issue with my Schedule Friday 31/3. Betides working for Telus I have my own company selling houses and apartments. The case is that I have an apartment where the title deed need to be signed before end of April and for various reasons things has been postponed. It is very important to complete the deal at time because we have contracts with penalties if we do not manage it.
The latest time Friday the notary has time is at 13.00.
That means that I have to leave Varna at 11.00 to be there at time, by schedule first end at 13.00.
Thus we need to find a solution for the two hours from 11 -13. I am willing to take unpaid leave or make an agreement that I make up for the missing hours another day. I could also try to shift schedule with other agents, but the only person I know is Jorgen (I do not know his schedule)
The point is just to find a solution and I am open for suggestions

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